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Global Funds Management S.A.

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GFM acts as UCITS licensed Management Company and AIFM, and as hub of expertise for investment fund regulatory and risk management solutions.

Scope of Activities

  • - Structuring and set-up of investment funds
  • - Distribution and marketing
  • - Risk management
  • - Service providers selection and oversight
  • - Domiciliation services
  • - Reporting
  • - Contact to leading global and local service providers (e.g., lawyers, auditors)

Investment Solutions

GFM is proud to accompany clients investment ideas from inception of the fund structure to guidance in the management of the operational, distribution, legal and tax aspects.

How we work with you

Fund Promoters/Distribution

As fund promoters or distributors, you may wish to have a full detailed view over the asset management value chain: from portfolio management, to NAV calculation and potentially distribution. This view will be provided to you through our dedicated delegates reporting monitoring.

Portfolio Managers

In order for you to stay focused on trading and portfolio management activities, we provide portfolio managers with structuring advice, product updates in line with regulatory developments and Management Information System (MIS) reporting on the fund day-to-day activities (fund administration, distribution activity). GFM may also provide risk management reports and analyses.

Image: Distinctive monitoring approach by client type

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